This Autumn/Winter ’20, travel with us as we take a journey with our muse deep through the heartland of Russia. The collection charts her journey, taking us physically as she “moves” through the storied city and emotionally as she is “moved” by all she experiences.

Autumn finds our muse at the start of her journey: a pastel rendering of the world map, passport stamp embroidery and fluffy cloud prints all allude to her path to and through the country. These icons of travel pin each stage of her adventure showcasing silhouettes urban and functional. Fabrics speak of utilitarian usage – easy denim, windproof technology and breathable textures. As our muse moves deep into Moscow, a city where technology and heritage clash spectacularly, we see the echoes of this mirrored in the graffiti print – a fantastic visual map of Russia’s past and present reimagined in our PortsPURE logo.

From the cultural storytelling of the ancient city, the collection evolves dramatically as our muse makes her way out into the unbridled Russian wilderness. Textures thicken with heavier knits and outerwear puffs up in a variety of down treatments. The changing winter landscape is reflected in the materials – shimmering across fabrics like the Aurora Borealis and fairytale-like snow crystals mirrored in a modern tie-dye pattern.

Prints and textures whimsically detail nature in all its glory. The legendary Lake Baikal is splashed in hues of peach and pink and Russia’s national flower, the wild rose, is hand-crocheted onto the collection. PortsPURE also pays playful homage to National Geographic – the de-facto channel of all things nature – by applying the iconic yellow rectangle as a reverent design detail.

PortsPURE presents an emotional journey through the season with this collection. Spinning a kaleidoscope of stories – fables of a modern empire and dramatic tales of an untamed wilderness – stories that spark imagination and fire up inspiration. With these tales, the question is asked, “What is fashion but storytelling with clothes?”

“Only the heart knows how to find what is precious.” – Dostoyevsky