Based on renowned American director Steven Spielberg’s 1985 film Back to The Future, designers of the brand-new PortsPURE 2021 Fall/Winter Collection brilliantly takes the time machine as an inspiration to bring us all back to 1961 when the brand was founded.

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the PORTS brand, PortsPURE takes the inestimable creativity of 8 iconic and artistic “PURE TALENTS” as the inspiration. Focusing on their art works, unique styles and mindsets, the new collection reinterprets some of the most classic pieces via 8 distinctive stories and expresses diverse personalities and the free minds of young people today.

Reflecting the epochal spirit of the 1980s – liberation of personalities, bold styles, and innovation – the new collection features a series of classic elements, including the Cherry and Love Card that subtly symbolizes love, irregular polka dots, mosaic patchwork, collages and color contrasts, to impart fashion designs with artistic emotion. Recreate the history and dive into the future; the collection takes you to your alter ego in another world where dreams are not only dreams and the singular beauty of modern women is vividly captured.

Travelling through time and going back to the future, PortsPURE opens a new world for the “PURE GIRL” with innovative vision. Buckle up time travelers, it’s time to trot through different eras and meet talented artists. Integrating the vision of crème de la crème prestigious impressionist artists, film heroines, photographers and fashion designers, the PortsPURE Fall/Winter ’21 Collection opens a world of wonders and futuristic concepts for all PURE GIRLs.