Since the 1990s, the rise of the Internet has fundamentally changed society, giving rise to new technologies, ideological trends, and artistic innovation. With these rapid new developments, the art world and the digital world became interconnected like never before – a trend that has continued to the present day, as the continued dominance of the Internet has created not only new forms of art, but a resurgence in formerly popular styles such as pop art, surrealism, and lowbrow art.

Taking inspiration from these retro styles and the nostalgia of the 1990s, PortsPURE’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection centers on the theme of universal love and connectivity forged along digital and artistic dimensions, incorporating references to the works of iconic artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Romero Britto, and Corita Kent, as well as sustainable designers Nicole McLaughlin and Lucia Hierro.

Just as Andy Warhol broke boundaries by integrating advertising images in his works, PortsPURE’s Pre-Fall collection blurs the line between high art and commercial goods, fusing traditional clothing styles with artistic details such as high saturation hues, eye-catching patterns that get recombined and superimposed across the collection, and printing techniques that enhance each garment’s layers and textures.

Playing on the continuing theme of “PURE Love”, the latest collection incorporates deconstructed symbols – such as our signature “P/P” logo and “PURE Heart” print – and abstraction to represent the same messages of love and peace that Corita Kent promoted in her works. Displaying a fun fusion of bright colors with playful forms, these pieces also evoke every modern girl’s desire to live a happy, fulfilling, and colorful life. Contrasted against more cubic and printed details inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Romero Britto, who in their own ways each incorporated a sense of child-like wonder and optimism into their art, the PortsPURE Pre-Fall collection in many ways can be interpreted as a playful journey, with strong details that embody the season’s central message to “boldly follow your heart”.

This season, PortsPURE’s much-anticipated Re(Up)cycle collection – a capsule collection of pieces created with deadstock fabric from past seasons’ garments – takes new form, referencing both the retro fashion trends of the ‘90s and sustainable concept artists Nicole McLaughlin and Lucia Hierro, who were known for taking waste materials and upcycling them into unexpected pieces incorporating pop art, minimalism, and Dutch still-life styles. As always, every item from the Re(Up)cycle collection is identified with a signature green “UPRE” label, which has also been made from recycled fabric.