The brand new PortsPURE Spring/Summer ’21 Collection, inspired by the improvisation of jazz music, composes the melody to an ode of our era. The soothing designs enable the wearer to finally embrace the times again, in such a moment when everybody desperately longs for freedom and reunion. Also conveyed through the new collection is the diversified personalities and the spirit of freedom of the young generation.

Taking inspiration in particular from Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential artists in jazz history, motifs of this season include bass, piano and orchestral instruments which are common in jazz performance. Detachable jazz badges, rhythmic patterns and random series of graffiti colors display a rich sense of layers. Prints of vinyls on T-shirts and denim jackets plays non-stop blues that yearn for freedom. Black and white zebra stripes echoing piano keys whimsically compose an impromptu movement. The new and playful expressions carry out “Unexpected” twists embedded in the brand DNA of PortsPURE.

Following the profound characters of jazz, the designer seeks more inspiration and resonance in the field of art to use Henri Matisse’s famous “decoupage” technique to create. Currently, feelings and emotions are luxury goods which are integrated subtly into the design. The olive blossom symbolizing revival and Audrey Hepburn’s favorite Oxeye daisy are scattered on all kinds of elegant dresses. The muse – Hepburn’s side face and the brand logo are reinterpreted in the form of Matisse’s cut paper collages, going on skirts, shirts and accessories, reflecting the brand’s “proactive” life attitude that constantly seeks changes.

Essential fashion this season – for example, suits in different shapes – provide girls with diverse options. Traditional suits become less dull or solemn with color collision and detailed embellishments, such as the double-layered collar, belt on one side and bowtie.

Perpetuating the improvised and free music genre of jazz, the PortsPURE Spring/Summer ’21 collection plays an impromptu movement of contemporary trends and our times with playful and eclectic creativity.