Spring/Summer '22

Continuing its exploration of its central theme “HUMANITY”, the PortsPURE Spring/Summer 2022 collection looks to the rich cultural and natural landscapes of North Africa, taking inspiration from the timeless depths of the Amazon, ancient Berber cultural symbols, and desert flora to dig deeper into the enduring question of who we are, and where we came from.

The Amazonian rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, home to diverse groups of indigenous peoples and unique wildlife. Drawing from this vast multiformity, the Spring/Summer collection is adorned with tiger crown buttons, loose yet shapely silhouettes and drawstring patterns, decorated with shades of army green and beige, to echo the bravery and freedom of nomadic forest life.

Seasonal prints and patterns in the PortsPURE Spring/Summer 2022 collection are further influenced by the Berbers – an indigenous people living between Tunisia and Morocco, reputed to be one of the seven principal races in Africa. Inspired by ubiquitous Berber cultural motifs, the collection intersperses collaged prints, abstract symbols, stripes, and tassels with colorful prints adapted from the Berbers’ unique language system, formed of vast arrays of geometric patterns and shapes.

Meanwhile, the cactus – the most iconic of desert plants – also inspired elements of the collection. Able to grow and even flower in the harshest, driest desert environments, the cactus is reimagined as a soft, romantic print for Spring/Summer, combined with PortsPURE’s signature POMPOM motif and printed on lush fabric for a gentle watercolor-like effect.

Evoking the image of the cactus further reinforces a core element of PortsPURE’s DNA: earth-consciousness. The brand’s popular Re(Up)cycle capsule – a collection of items created from recycled deadstock fabrics and other sustainable materials – returns again for Spring/Summer, bearing a signature green “REUP” tag that is immediately identifiable.